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No Future
without diversity

The Foundation

was established under the name BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION in December 2017 and is recognised by Hamburg’s judicial authority as a non-profit-making foundation registered in Hamburg on 05.12.2017.

Our mission

Cheeta, southern Africa
Cheeta, southern Africa

Currently our planet is experiencing its largest extinction of species since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, with the rate of natural extinction increased by roughly one thousand due to mankind. This loss of biodiversity is creating incalculable risks for the world’s population. As only a functioning ecosystem can supply sufficient food, water, breathable air or medicine. The fight against global extinction of species is therefore one of the most urgent challenges we are facing in this century.

The heart of our work is presenting scientific findings about the development of biodiversity, in an understandable form, to as many people as possible. We aim to initiate public discussion and set in motion the political processes that are necessary to preserve the number of species on our planet.

The Founders

are Ingrid Steffens (Management Consultant) and Dirk Steffens (Wildlife Filmmaker). They established the BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION with their own funds as an ideologically and financially independent foundation.

Ingrid Steffens
  • Ingrid Steffens
Dirk Steffens
  • Dirk Steffens


  • Grindelhof 68
  • 20146 Hamburg
  • Germany

The BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION projects are funded by your donations. Thank you for your support!

  • IBAN: DE 38 2005 0550 100 228 90 96
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